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New online search-and-reserve system at The Bookmark Bookstore

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Update February 1, 2023 -- we have put the digital inventory on pause" for a short while, so that we can refine the system to make sure that the records stay up-to-date. Watch for an announcement when it's back in operation again. Thanks!

Over the last several months, Bookmark Committee member and volunteer Mifta Chowdhury has been creating a digital catalog of our massive inventory of books at the Bookmark Bookstore. This new digital catalog will enable customers to search online for titles and request to place them on hold. It will also enable Bookmark staff to easily search for and identify the location of a specific title in store.

After an initial pilot, this new tool is now ready for prime time! Test it out today by visiting The Bookmark Bookstore Inventory page on our website.

Note only Fiction titles are available at this time. This will be expanded to other genres in the near future.

Test it out today and if you have any feedback please send it to Happy hunting!


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