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Our Partners

We’re better together!

The Oakland community is passionate about libraries. Here are some of our community partners in support of the Oakland Public Library.


Friends of the Oakland Public Library

The Friends of Oakland Public Library is a city-wide non-profit fundraising organization that provides substantial grants to the Oakland Public Library. Our bookstore, The Bookmark, supports the Friends through book and media sales. 

Branch Friends Groups

The Oakland Public Library is fortunate to have numerous friends groups which provide valuable support to the individual library branches. Branch friends groups are independent of the Friends of the OPL; however, we do assist one another in our shared goal of supporting the programs and services of the Oakland Public Library.  There are currently friends groups for the following branches:

City of Oakland Library Advisory Commission

The City of Oakland Library Advisory Commission is a city-appointed group that communicates with elected officials and provides mandated oversight of Oakland Public Library's tax-revenue expenditures.

Save Oakland Library
Save Oakland Library is a grass-roots, volunteer-led force of Oakland Public Library patrons, staff, and unions that rise up quickly when needed to defend OPL.


Youth Leadership Council

The Youth Leadership Council is advised by Oakland Public Library staff. They provide speaker training and opportunities for Oakland's teen library advocates.

Oakland Public Library Advocates

OPL Advocates is an informal coalition of advocacy groups, working together to maximize resources and amplify messages in support of the library. 

Youth Leadership Council
Branch Friends Groups
Save Oakland Library
City of Oak Library Adv Com
Oakland Public Library Adv
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