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How to Support Measure C

Thank you so much for your ongoing support of Oakland Public Library and Measure C, which will be on our June 7 ballot. Below is a short list of key messaging on specific dates related to the campaign. If you could share info about Measure C on these dates, that would be immensely helpful. In every message you share, please include the following points:

  • Measure C is on the June 7 ballot.

  • Measure C RENEWS Measure Q, which voters approved in 2004, with NO increase in tax rate.

  • Measure C will extend/renew funding that comprises about 40 PERCENT OF OPL'S OPERATING BUDGET. If it fails, we face reduced hours and an unknown number of closed branches.

  • We have a desperate need for phonebank volunteers from now through June 7.

  • To learn more, volunteer, donate, etc., please go here.

How to support the library on these Measure C key dates:

  • WEEK OF MAY 2: Sign up for yard signs THIS WEEK -- Go here to request your sign(s).

  • MONDAY, MAY 9: Ballots will be mailed today! Watch your mailbox, complete the ballot, and get it in the mail ASAP -- don't delay!

  • FRIDAY, MAY 13: Did you get your ballot? Don't wait, vote YES ON C and mail it NOW.

  • MONDAY, MAY 23: Last day to register to vote. Are you registered? Is every YES voter you know registered? You still have time, do it today!

  • ONGOING: We desperately need *phonebank volunteers!* We do it from our homes every Monday night from 5-8 p.m. It's the best way to reach voters who still don't know anything about Measure C to let them know how crucial it is to vote YES. We need help -- sign up now and join us!

Thank you so much for helping us get the word out!


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