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Mini-Grant Spotlight: New OPL Podcast, Check Your Shelf

Updated: May 25, 2020

Made possible by a Friends of the Oakland Public Library mini-grant, Check Your Shelf: The Oakland Public Library Podcast, invites listeners to take an inside look at OPL. Amy Martin, Community Relations Librarian, brings you inside the walls to get to know the library as a friend. 

The first season will feature six episodes diving into the different places, programs, and initiatives that make OPL truly special.

Listen on:

Episode 1: Public Detectives

Paul and Amy talk to Dorothy Lazard about the Oakland History Center, then explore reference questions with Mahasin Aleem and Kirsten Baldock.

Episode 2: Hello, AAMLO

To celebrate Black History Month, Amy takes us on an inside look at the African American Museum and Library at Oakland - AAMLO for short. Featuring Bamidele Agbasegbe-Demerson, Marco Frazier, Sean Dickerson, and Dorothy Lazard.

Episode 3: Your Library At Home

You can still access Your Library from home with your Oakland Public Library card. We touch base with various staff members to discover how they are continuing to serve Oaklanders while working from home. Learn how you can receive phone and email support, get a customized reading list from an OPL librarian, and learn how you can attend a storytime from the comfort of your own home.


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