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Treasurer Hunt: Friends of the OPL Board Seeks a Treasurer

Are you the next Treasurer of the Friends of the Oakland Public Library?

The Friends of OPL’s Board of Directors is a lively group of volunteers, advocates, and library nerds who deeply value the role of the library in Oakland's community.

Are you the next Treasurer of the Friends of the Oakland Public Library? Or maybe you know the person we’re seeking. The right candidate will be appointed to the Friends’ Board of Directors and assume the role of Assistant Treasurer. The candidate will be extensively trained by our current Treasurers, with the goal of replacing one of them in the near future. The Treasurer works in tandem with a bookkeeper to maintain and disburse the funds of the Friends of OPL.

Of course, our new Treasurer will passionately support the mission of the Oakland Public Library. Of equal importance, we seek a Treasurer who will further our goal to make the Friends board reflect the diversity of the community it serves.

To learn more about the Treasurer position or connect us with a promising candidate, please email us at

Download and share our Board Director one-pager:

Friends of the OPL Board of Directors
Download PD • 296KB

Board Director Requirements and Benefits

For this crucially important role in our nonprofit organization, the Friends organization is looking for someone with a basic understanding of how accounting works, an eye for detail, and a willingness to ask questions. A financial background would be helpful but is not required.

To be a Director, one must be a dues-paying Friends of OPL member. Directors are expected to serve on at least one committee and ideally attend all Board meetings, as well as the annual planning session. Joining the Board offers unique opportunities to pursue new initiatives, learn more about OPL, build community, be creative, and support Oakland and its libraries.

As the Board of Directors, we:

  • Oversee a robust membership program and engage our members with a seasonal newsletter, which includes updates on our work, OPL happenings, and community events.

  • Operate the volunteer-staffed Bookmark Bookstore in Old Oakland, whose profits support Oakland libraries.

  • Award an average of $200,000 in grants to the Oakland Public Library annually, which support Adult/Teen/Children services, individual branches, community relations, and provide other support such as funding for Wi-Fi hotspots, OPL staff scholarships, and staff training.

  • Created and maintain the popular "Mini-Grants" program, which provides OPL staff with individual grants (generally up to $2,000 per grant) to implement or improve library programs or services.

  • Support and engage with other Oakland Public Library advocacy groups, including Branch Friends groups, the City of Oakland Library Advisory Commission, Save Oakland Library, and the Youth Leadership Council (including providing scholarship funding for the Youth Poet Laureate program).

Mission of the Friends of OPL

The Friends of OPL nonprofit works to advance the role of Oakland’s Public Libraries as a vital community resource and as an institution critical to the culture, education, and welfare of our diverse community. We fulfill our mission by encouraging and facilitating advocacy, donations, and volunteerism.

What you think a Treasurer does....

What a Treasurer actually does....


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