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A Sweet Day at the Bookmark Bookstore

On Sunday, September 10, crowds of happy kids and their families piled into The Bookmark Bookstore to select a free children’s book of their choice and free ice cream.

The event was part of the new Free Children’s Book Day program, a monthly event that launched in June. Every second Sunday of the month, kids under 12 can select a children’s book of their choice from the collection at the Bookmark Bookstore. This time, to sweeten the deal, The Bookmark team decided to pilot offering free ice cream as well.

This proved to be a winning combo: 53 books and many more scoops of ice cream were doled out. One particularly happy young customer said it was “the best day ever” because not only was there ice cream but she found exactly the book she was hoping for!

Due to the success of the event (and good supply of ice cream), The Bookmark team plans to do it again later in the fall. Stay tuned for more details.


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