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While our store is closed for browsing, we welcome you to shop our Virtual Bookstore.

From here you can peruse titles from our store, email us to purchase, and pickup curbside.


There are many more titles in our store, email us if you're looking for something specific!

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Click the photo with the book you'd like to buy.

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Newish Fiction a
Newish Fiction b
Newish Fiction c
Drama and Plays 1
Drama and Plays 2
Drama and Plays 3
Drama and Plays 4
Drama and Plays 5
Fiction AB
Fiction BC
Fiction CD
Fiction DE
Fiction EG
Fiction GH
Fiction HJ
Fiction JL
Fiction LM
Fiction MO
Fiction OR
Fiction RS
Fiction SS
Fiction SV
Fiction VZ
Fiction - Short Stories
Foreign - Asian Languages
Foreign - French and Italian
Foreign -German and Dutch
Foreign - Hebrew
Foreign - Spanish
Graphic Novels
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Newish Non-fiction - memoirs
Newish Non-fiction
Newish Non-fiction 1
Newish Non-fiction 2
Newish Non-fiction 3
Vintage 1
Vintage 1
Vintage 2
Vintage 3
Vintage 4
African American 1
African American 2
African American 3
US History
US History
US History
US History
US History
Anthropology A
Anthropology B
Art Table 1
Art Table 2
Art Table 3
Art 1
Art 2
Art 3
Art 4
Art 5
Art 6
Art 7
Architecture 1
Business and Finance 1
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Children & Young Adult

New Picture Books
Cooking with kids
Phonics 1
Phonics 2
Phonics 3
keep the kids busy!
John Grisham Collection
6 books for $15 (no further discounts)
Children 1
Children 2
Children 3
Chapter Books 1
Chapter Books 2
Chapter Book 3
Chapter Book 4
Chapter Book 5
Chapter Book 6
Non-fiction 2
Picture books 1
Picture books 2
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Media, Music, Puzzles

LPs from our collection
LPs from our collection
LPs from our collection
LPs from our collection
Great Courses 1
Great Courses 2
Great Courses
Great Courses
Great Courses
Puzzles 500
Puzzles 1000
Puzzles 1000
Puzzles 1000 a
puzzles 1000 b
puzzles 1000 c
puzzles 1000 d
puzzles 1000 e
puzzles 1000 f
puzzles 1000-2500
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Grab Bags

All of our grab bags are $10 (not eligible for additional discounts.)

Memoirs - $10
Thrillers & Spies - $10
Chapter Books - $10
Inappropriate Humor - $10
Science - $10
Hobbies & Crafts - $10
Adult Fiction | $10
Adult Non-Fiction | $10
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Currently, our store is operating during limited hours for curbside pickup for purchases from our Virtual Bookstore and in-store shopping by reservation only.

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